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Remarks by Sheriff Sean Smith | Mark Redwine Indictment - Sean Smith for Sheriff | La Plata County, CO

Remarks by Sheriff Sean Smith

Mark Redwine Indictment | July 25th, 2017

We are here today to discuss the indictment and arrest of Mark Redwine for the 2012 death of his son Dylan, who was 13-years-old when he died while visiting his father. The loss of this young man was very traumatic for our community and I believe that we all share in the grief that Dylan’s mother Elaine and all of his loved ones are experiencing.

This investigation has often been referred to as the “Journey to Justice for Dylan” and that is exactly what it is. Mark’s arrest last Friday night in Washington just before midnight represents the end of one road and the beginning of another on this journey. My team is very proud of the work they have done to get us to this point, however we recognize that there is a legal process ahead and we will remain committed to the end.

After 4 ½ years, I know many have questioned the length of this investigation but I believe it tells a powerful story. The length of the investigation shows just how committed our team of investigators has been, never giving up and keeping the goal of Justice for Dylan in sight every day! This team put in countless hours ensuring that no stone was left unturned because they were committed to finding justice for a 13 year old young man whose life was lost over the Thanksgiving holiday in 2012.

I want to take this time to recognize the Investigators that have been the heart and soul of this investigation. Without the commitment of this group of professionals we would not be here today. Lt. Tonya Golbricht, Sgt. Jim Ezzell, Sgt. Tom Cowing are here representing our team.

From the outset, this investigation has been a team effort. In addition to the men and women of the La Plata County Sheriff’s Office we have received assistance from the more than 30 agencies you see listed on the screen today.

We also would not be here today without the support we received from the amazing volunteers in this community. This tragedy has demonstrated the strength of our community and what we can do when we come together with a common goal: Justice for Dylan Redwine.